Digital Marketing Solutions

Over last 8 years our team at Jainson Infotech has helped digital marketing agencies optimize campaigns worth more than a Billion $. As their technology and solutions provider we have successfully delivered solutions and services for more than 100+ brands in USA including few fortune 500 companies.

Our experts are Adwords and Analytics certified professionals who have architected large scale BI platforms, tracking systems, analytics systems, landing page platforms, microsites, keyword analysis tools, and other related services for page optimization, conversion rate optimization, personalization, A/B testing etc for digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Services and Solutions


Google Analytics, Measurement protocol, ClickTale, GTM, Tealium etc integrations to track all user activity.

Adwords/DCM/DFA Integrations

Traffic all your ads and spend via Double click and track every single touch-point.

Page Optimization

Optimize architecture, page design and delivery for higher search rankings and lower CPC.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Focus on design, content, personalization and intuitive machine learning based approach to increase conversion rates across business domains.

Shopping feeds

Automated and managed shopping feed generation for Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon and other marketplaces.

Custom Trackers

Impression/click level trackers. Add ability to collect data points not made available by Google Analytics/Adwords and other platforms.

Offline MatchBack Conversions

Analyze complete conversion funnel of your clients using automated matchback of your client CRM feeds.

A/B, Multivariate Testing

Thoroughly test your new content, design & marketing strategy in controlled experiment.

Bid Management Algorithms

Analyze campaign performance across multiple channels and auto manage bids using complex rules and algorithms.

Self Service Reporting

Self service custom reporting solutions to combine and report on data across channels and venues.

Dashboards & Visualizations

et insights using state of the art dashboards & visualizations. Integrate reports from BI platforms like PowerBI, Tableau.

Detailed service offering

  • BI solutions for Digital Marketers
  • Campaign Management, Reporting, Experiment APIs, Enhanced Inventory Campaigns
  • Integration with Venues like Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Double Click for Search, Double click for Advertiser
  • Attribution modeling
  • Custom Tracking Implementation
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboards
  • Forecasting Dashboards
  • Big Data Analysis
  • On demand Custom Reporting
  • Enhanced/Inventory campaign support
  • Conversion Matchback Implementations, including Adwords, DS, DCM Mathcback
  • Bid Management Algorithms
  • Shopping feed generation
  • Impression/Click level trackers

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